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The people behind MoPoTsyo patient information centre are the board members, staff and the peer educators.

The board members
There are 6 members of MoPoTsyo Board of Directors and are the initial founders of MoPoTsyo patient information centre. The board members do not receive financial rewards or income from MoPoTsyo patient information centre.

Staff [ MoPoTsyo Organogram ]
The staff is responsible for the organisation and operation of MoPoTsyo patient information centre at the office in the centre of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.
Test Description
 The peer educators work out of the patient information centres. Peer educators are persons who are themselves living with diabetes and are not health staff. Most of them have a job from which they earn their income. MoPoTsyo patient information centre does compensate them for any costs that they incur while they are doing activities for MoPoTsyo patient information centre. No peer educator gets a salary.