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  • What kind of blood glucose meter does MoPoTsyo patient information centre use?

    In the patient information centres we use the ACCU-CHEK ACTIVE blood glucose meter. Blood glucose strips for this meter are the cheapest ones available in private pharmacies here. 

  • Can I donate an ACCU-CHEK ACTIVE blood glucose meter?


    We are very happy with ACCU-CHEK ACTIVE blood glucose meters, but make sure it works. Test strips and lancets are needed as well.

  • I have a different type of blood glucose meter; shall I donate it to MoPoTsyo?

    In the patient information centres, where patients come regularly to find out about their blood glucose levels, we have to stick to the ACCU CHEK ACTIVE blood glucose meter so we keep the logistics simple. We keep records of the blood sugar levels of the registered diabetics with it.

    An individual diabetic person who uses insulin could benefit from a different kind of meter if it comes with a large amount of strips which haven't expired (minimum of 1000 strips).  Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your offer.

  • Why do you use urine strips?

    The answer is: to reduce the costs of detection and self-management. Blood glucose strips, although much more precise, are also twenty times more expensive than urine strips. A positive urine strip almost always indicates too high blood glucose, but a negative urine strip does not indicate absence of diabetes. The challenge at this stage is to help the existing diabetes patients in the community who have uncontrolled diabetes to get their glucose levels under control. Because urine strips are affordable, patients can test their urine regularly. Urine strips help people to understand the effects their meals have on their blood GLUCOSE levels.