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Improving diabetes care in Cambodia required a lot of support.

Make diabetes in Cambodia a study topic

If you have diabetes yourself, and you already are a member of your own Diabetes Association, then you can get your association members to help provide more information and a better understanding of the real needs of people living with diabetes in low resource countries.  Make it a study topic for a subgroup in your association and choose a low income country. 

Twin groups of peers

MoPoTsyo patient information centre is interested in creating dialogue linking groups of diabetics here with diabetic groups there. Possibly where you are?  Please consider this and feel free to contact us on behalf of your group of people with diabetes.

Tell a friend

Send the link of our website to your friends who have diabetes. 

Become a MoPoTsyo volunteer

 Frequently we are looking for volunteers who can help us with diverse activities. For now we are looking for Dutch volunteers who want to translate our website into Dutch to make the provided information more accessible among Dutch diabetics. Please contacts us and become a MoPoTsyo volunteer. 

Read our newsletter

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