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Since 2005, MoPoTsyo has received support from many partners and donors:

1             Anne Fransen fonds

2             AusAID, The Australian government overseas aid program www.ausaid.gov.au

3             CAAFW Cambodian Assocation for Assistance to Families to Widows

4             Cambodian Diabetes Assocation (CDA), Cambodia

5             CAS Center for Advanced Studies

6             Children Surgical Centre  http://www.csc.org/

7             DAK in Australia

8             De Stichting Cambodia Holland Partnership www.stichting-chp.nl

9             Dr M. Straumann in Switzerland

10           DVN Diabetes Vereniging Nederland http://www.dvn.nl/home

11           Family Health Development (FHD)

12           Friends For Life or Vrienden Voor Het Leven, The Netherlands

13           GIZ https://www.giz.de/en/html/index.htm

14           GRET-SKY health insurance scheme www.sky-cambodia.org

15           Het Maagdenhuis www.maagdenhuis.nl

16           ICCO KIA, Interchurch organization for development co-operation www.icco.nl  

17           Impulsis NL  www.impulsis.nl

18           Institute of Tropical Medicine – Antwerp (IMT) 

19           Insulin for life www.insulinforlife.org

20           Kossamak National Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

21           Louvain Coopération (LD) http://www.louvaincooperation.org/

22           Médecins Sans Frontieres www.msf.org

23           MEDICAM  www.medicam-cambodia.org

24           MICADO http://micadev.org/fr/menu.htm

25           Ministry of Health Cambodia

26           NGO Nyemo Cambodia

27           Partners For Equity, Australia http://partnersforequity.org/

28           PATH (USA) www.path.org

29           Peers for Progress  http://peersforprogress.org/

30           Prof James Logerfo, University of Washington (Seattle, USA)

31           Sihanouk Center of Hope (http://www.sihosp.org/)

32           Swiss Red Cross

33           The French Embassy in Cambodia   http://www.ambafrance-kh.org/

34           WHO World Health Organization

35           World Diabetes Foundation www.worlddiabetesfoundation.org

               and many other private contributors