Quarterly Review 2 – 2022

Expansion:  We are catching up with delays incurred during 2021 because of COVID-19. During the first half year of 2022, in total 3,338 new patients have become member of MoPoTsyo, 2,827 are diabetic, the other 511 are high blood pressure patients who do not have diabetes. Important developments by province are as follows: Kandal:  Ksach Kandal OD had its first lab sessions and medical consultations session. Kampong Cham: Kang Meas OD signed the agreements, the Peer Educator Network is running. It began with Primary Prevention activities for commune leaders, then registered patients. Then the first laboratory sessions and medical consultation session took place at their local referral hospital. Kratie: Chhlong OD signed the cooperation agreements, so we started the preparations to set up the program there such as identification of candidate patients with diabetes living in Chhlong who can be trained by us to become the peer educator in the area of their Health Center: 4 candidates were found, including one who can be the local leader. Phnom Penh: We promised to Samdech Euv Hospital (the name of the Referral Hospital of Mekong OD) in Russey Keo to include them in 2023.  Regarding Prek Phnov OD in Phnom Penh: we cannot find more suitable candidates living there who are willing and available to become PE. So far only 1 PE was trained, which is not enough to start. It is difficult to find suitable candidates.

Boosting existing networks: Banteay Meanchey: The old doctor at Thmar Pouk Referral Hospital was going to retire, so In April we went to Thmar Pouk OD to discuss about training of new doctors to use this occasion to  strengthen the medical consultation services at the Referral Hospital. Two Doctors were then selected. They came to Phnom Penh to get their refresher-training. Takeo: When we resumed laboratory activity at Prey Kabas OD the first session for blood- and urine collection was organized at the Referral Hospital itself. Many patients came to use this new opportunity. A new candidate for peer eductor training was identified. Ang Roka RH and MoPoTsyo have signed new agreements to relaunch the medical services at the Hospital. This will happen during the 2nd half of the year. Our revenue collection system will be adapted there, for the first time, to prevent money being paid at the pharmacy itself. Instead, it will be paid at the hospital’s central cashier. This requires changes to administration and software, which can be an improvement for other places later.

Training:  6 candidate Peer Educators from Kang Meas OD (Kampong Cham) and one from Prek Phnov OD (Phnom Penh) passed Peer Educator exam. Also, doctors from rural districts in Cambodia received the 2-week refresher training at Center of Hope, from Kang Meas (Kampong Cham), Ksach Kandal (Kandal), Thmar Pouk (Banteay Meanchey).

Ministry of Health: 10th of June its new National Strategic Plan for NCD 2022-2030 was launched. MoPoTsyo’s experienced program officer Mr Leng Kit held a wonderful speech about living with diabetes, that was received with lots of nodding heads and the most thunderous applause of the entire day. With this new national strategic plan the Peer Educators for diabetes and hypertension are re-confirmed as part of Cambodia’s national response to the rising challenges posed by NCD and diabetes in particular.  MoH organized a meeting to discuss the external evaluation of the WDF partnership project which is ended officially,

Office: Heavy rain resulted in leakage in Building C, where 1st floor ceiling collapsed. We had to execute repairs. IT: Slow internet and down. To remedy, we contracted extra provider with our server for 6 months for backup system. We will also apply for a permit to use the signal boosters. Fin Admin: The financial Audit of 2021 was completed without problems.

For MoPoTsyo’s standard bilingual Annual Report see our website at https://www.mopotsyo.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/AnnualReport_2021_Version1.pdf

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