(SCM) Logistics Manager

Announcement of vacancy for: (SCM) Logistics Manager for our Supply Chain / Logistics of our

Revolving Drug Fund (medicines)

Function Title: (SCM) Logistics Manager (Full Time 40 hours: Monday to Friday)

Directly Accountable to: Executive Director

Remuneration: The monthly salary will be in the range of 700$-850$ and paid in riels.

Our Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre (active in 12 provinces in Cambodia and helping Cambodians with diabetes and high blood pressure) now needs a

dynamic, skilled and innovative.

About MoPoTsyo: a Cambodian NGO registered at Ministry of Interior and works closely with Ministry of Health to implement National Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases

2022 – 2030 and helps realize the government’s vision of Universal Health Coverage by 2034. Over time (since 2004) MoPoTsyo has evolved into a financially sustainable NGO serving more than 30,000 Cambodians with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure who live in remoter areas. That is why digitization provides such an opportunity to cut the costs of living with diabetes for our members even more.

The job is to make sure:

  • that our partners (>40 public hospitals and health centers all over Cambodia) always have enough medicine supplies for the patients with diabetes and high blood pressure,
  • that the procedures and policies are followed
  • that regular analyses of the supply chain data, reports and adjusted plannings are available
  • that the design of the upgrade of our existing digitized supply system will be up-to-date, efficient and convenient
  • that you lead a successful team (that includes pharmacists) that delivers.

Place in organization: You are accountable to NGO Director and member of Management Team. You work in close contact with your colleagues in other departments and with our contracted partners in the provinces and with government agencies.


  • Team Management experience
  • Qualified in logistics systems and development of standard operating procedures
  • Experience in cooperation with software programmers
  • Good communication skills
  • Cambodian with good English language esp. reading skills 

Additional: Persons with Diabetes or other Non-Communicable Chronic disease and women are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: for sending your filled, signed application form by email to mopotsyo@gmail.com with a copy to kimsin.chann@mopotsyo.org is 12-Aug-2024/17:00. To get an application form, please download it here.

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