This is the first part of a 15 minute recruitment video for Cambodian people with Diabetes to become “peer educator” for other people with diabetes in their own community. It shows the life of a primary school teacher in a rural district in Cambodia who successfully combines her work with her household work and peer education work. The video follows her through the day from early morning to the school, sharing a meal with her family and visiting other households to show them how to self-screen for Diabetes (it is called “sweet urine disease” ) by dipping a urine glucose strip into their urine within two hours after lunch. People whose urine strip changes color receive a blood glucose test to confirm their status, counseling and access to care. Click here for virtual tour!

Diabetes used to be rare in Cambodia and known as “A disease of rich people”. But nowadays the numbers of such chronic patients are increasing and include mostly Cambodians who are living in rural areas. Many of them do not have access to good information about what they should do. They spend large amounts of money to find treatment. This causes many of them to fall into deep poverty. Diabetes in the Paddy Field is a 20-minute documentary showing you the experience of two families. In one, Mr Pen Pon was recently discovered by a peer educator to have diabetes and in the other one Ms Yuon Soben had been already living with her disease for about 10 years before she met her peer educator. Watch how the Peer Educator Networks can affect people’s lives in rural areas by

clicking on this virtual tour in the paddy fields.