Background: MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre is a registered Cambodian NGO helping patients with diabetes and/or hypertension learn how to self-manage their chronic disease and prevent complications through Peer Educator Networks in 12 provinces and 26 operational districts. Peer Educators are diabetes patients who have been trained in disease-self-management and who share their skills with other patients in their communities. These networks serve around 25,000 active patients who use the medical services. Most of these services are organized inside the public service facilities. MoPoTsyo works closely with the Ministry of Health. MoPoTsyo’s laboratory services are an important component of the chronic care system, together with medical consultations, the revolving drug fund and follow-up.

Now MoPoTsyo is looking for :

  1. SCM / Logistics Manager: Deadline on 12th August 2024/17:00.
  2. RDF Officer: Deadline on 12th August 2024/17:00.
  3. Program Administrator: Deadline on 12th August 2024/17:00.
  4. Training Unit Assistant: Deadline on 31st May 2024/17:00.

If you are interested, please download the application form here and submit it to with copy to