Get to know some facts related to diabetes in Cambodia. Test yourself! Which of the following statements are true?

In Cambodia…

1. the HBA1c test became first available in 2006

2. many Cambodians prefer to be overweight

3. only very few diabetics have their own glucose meter

4. public health care has no diabetes services, while private pharmacies only provide diabetic medicines (also insulin) to diabetics who can pay the price

5. insulin costs USD 16 in Phnom Penh, while world market price is below USD 4

6. average day income is between 0.60 and 1 USD

7. many people believe that diabetics can not marry

8. diabetes care is excluded from health insurance coverage

9. there should be 2.000 young people with type 1 diabetes alive in Cambodia but, there are less than a hundred.

10. there are 5 times more people with diabetes (type 2) than with HIV-AIDS

These are all true diabetes care facts.

“Diabetes care in Cambodia needs attention and development.”