Chronic Care Organiser  (MEDICAL DOCTOR-Public Health)

                                                                 (Non Communicable Disease)

“Are you a Medical Doctor with public health experience? Are you interested in helping people with diabetes and hypertension prevent disease complications at low cost to them? If yes, please read on….…!

Background: the Cambodian non profit NGO MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre is active since 2005. Nowadays, in 12 provinces (28 Operational Districts) >30,000 Cambodian patients are registered as member. The majority are diabetic with other health problems such as hypertension and dyslipidemias. Membership entitles them to benefit from “peer educator networks for diabetes and hypertension”, that cooperate with government public services in remote areas of Cambodia. The networks enhance the medical services there through community-based “peer educator networks” helping organize public service delivery by qualified government staff: such as out-patient care at contracted CPA1 or CPA2 referral hospitals, (counseling, self-management education), but also access to a range of essential but affordable good quality laboratory tests, appointments for medical consultations and, importantly affordable prescription medication (including insulin). Medical supplies come with small essential materials and explanations that patients need for successful chronic disease “self-management”.  Almost all (>90%) of this patient-centered care system is financed by voluntary small contributions from the members. After the Ministry of Health had included this care model into its first National Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of NCD 2013-2020, the WHO and Worldbank selected it for their international collection of “best practices” to inspire other countries coping with the burden from chronic NCD among their people,

Objective of the position: To pilot adaptations and optimize the chronic care model by balancing and satisfying the care-needs of registered patients, with those of the government hospitals, health centers and peer educators, while keeping track of the resources.

Position in the Organisation: Accountable to Director, managing the development of Medical Services, cooperating with colleagues in other departments and units

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Lead the design and implementation of pilot reform projects to adapt and improve the current chronic care system in primary (outpatient) care.
  • Support the medical service system.
    1. Support Training Unit (trainings Peer Educators and refresher courses of Medical Doctors)
    2. Support the Laboratory services and use of profiles.
    3. Quality and efficiency of service delivery and utilization;
  • Cooperate with Heads of other MoPoTsyo departments and units.
  • Data-analysis to Improve use of MoPoTsyo’s data for improving patient care
    1. Develop indicators and review current data-collection relevant for management information system, medical alerts, e.g. for CKD, adherence, use of service etc.
    2. Cooperate with Head of M.I.S. to implement
  • Identify and develop options to optimize the quality and affordability of the chronic care system


  • Medical Doctor with relevant Public Health experience and proven skills.
  • Good khmer language skills including writing.

Salary: $1200 – $1500

Deadline: for sending your filled, signed application form by email to with a copy to deadline is 20 April 2024/17:00.The application form can be downloaded here.

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