Implications of ICTs on patient self-management: Interview with Maurits van Pelt, MoPoTsyo | futurehealthsys 31 October 2013

Diabetes on Rise Due to Unhealthy Lifestyles: Cambodia Daily | 25th, November  2013

Diabetes and its discontents: Phnom Penh Post | Wed, 19 June 2013

Improving access to education and care in Cambodia:  Diabetes Voice | Volume 54 | Issue 2 | June 2009

Health Systems Strengthening in Fragile Contexts: A Report on Good Practices & New Approaches.See page 30 and page 31 of the Good Practice Report’s chapter on Chronic Diseases: In nearly all cases. Cambodian children with type 1 diabetes” More

Link to Affluence Hides Extent of Diabetes problem: A poor, developing country such as Cambodia is expected to have its share of health issue: malaria, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS come to mind. But diabetes, an illness that many incorrectly………March, 2009

“Chronic disease, health markets and poverty”: The boundary between public and private sector is often very porous, with people either paying government health workers informally or consulting them outside their official hours……………..March, 2009

Peer support in diabetes management – time for a change: Diabetes management involves more than just medical treatment (healthcare providers prescribing insulins and other medications to people with the condition in other to…………. December, 2008

Hundreds March To Raise Awareness of Diabetes: More than 400 people marched in Phnom Penh Sunday to mark World Diabetes Day and to bring attention to the overlooked but potentially deadly ………., health organizations said on November, 2007

Diabetes is a Growing Problem in Newly Rich Asia: Health experts are concerned that diabetes, a chronic and potentially fatal disease, could reach near epidemic proportions across Asia. There is more diabetes than AIDS. It will take over as the main health problem of the developing world …….., reports the Cambodian Daily on March 13, 2007

Le diabète, ce mal méconnu qui fait des ravages:  At least 255,000 persons now suffer from diabetes in Cambodia. This number is alarming, because without treatment the results are disastrous. NGO MoPoTsyo patient information centre attacks diabetes in the slums of the capital,………. explains Cambodge Soir on January 26, 2007 (in French)

Weblog about Dutch diabetic @ work @ MoPoTsyo patient information centre: People in Cambodia living with diabetes have an overload of sugar and face lots of challenges, before they can find and pay for suitable diabetes care. These are mostly type II diabetics, simply by the fact that type I diabetics do not survive in Cambodia. “This gives me the shivers as a type I diabetic” said Rianne de Visser, now at work at MoPoTsyo patient information centre, published on her weblog in 2007 (in Dutch)

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